Auto Legislation

Sometimes I feel like the people in the government just have a good laugh at us small folk. All their laws and legislation are so complicated, with so many irrelevant articles and sub-rules and what not added on. Just yesterday they passed a bill that requires all people who own a green Ford that has …

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21st Century Pirates

These last few centuries have been tough for the crew, I have to admit. Finding the key to immortality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The 20th century was the hardest of them all, with the invention of commercial aircraft. And we thought the 19th-century metal ship renaissance was difficult to adjust to! Now …

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Freeway Free-For-All

There’s nothing like driving on a freeway at night, particularly when you’ve just spent hours ploughing through the countryside. If you hit the far edges of the city at around 10pm, you’ve nailed it. You’ve missed peak hour by a long shot, and there aren’t too many other drivers cramping your style – just the …

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