Cafe 22 is an experience centred around a simple concept: we choose our top 22 items and make them just the way we want them, on the assumption that other people will like them just as much as we do.

In our defense, we have the goods to back this up. Founders Hansel Henson and Brigitta Walshley are globetrotting coffee industry veterans, with twelve years experience apiece under their baristas’ aprons, including at reknowned establishments such as Berlin’s Sprugle and Denmark’s Mania Coffee. Each of our crew of rockstar baristas is personally trained under these internationally acclaimed brewmasters.

We live and breathe coffee culture, and we don’t give a damn what’s trending. Okay, maybe we give just a small toss, but at the end of the day it’s all about creating the ultimate drinking experience and recruiting you into our love of coffee.  To that end, we’ve narrowed down our top twelve ways of serving coffee for your caffeinating pleasure.

Henson and Walshley are also passionate kitchen gardeners; this is infused into 22’s approach to food. 80% of the herbs and vegetables on the menu are grown onsite, and in-house preserving and pickling is our speciality. In collaboration with award-winning baker Hugo Jones, they’ve developed an approach to breadmaking that focuses on stoneground grain and traditional, artisanal raising methods.