Auto Legislation

Sometimes I feel like the people in the government just have a good laugh at us small folk. All their laws and legislation are so complicated, with so many irrelevant articles and sub-rules and what not added on. Just yesterday they passed a bill that requires all people who own a green Ford that has a number plate beginning with R and ending in 2 to take their car to an auto mechanic near Seaford and get the necessary work done to sell it! If that didn’t describe me perfectly, I wouldn’t even know about this sub-section of the West-gate Bridge Extension Act.

Does it feel like the local members of parliament get a bit carried away with their power? Just the other day I had a near-miss with one of them, who was walking his dog. He narrowed his eyes at me and wrote down the details of my car. Then he threatened to change the laws just to inconvenience me, as revenge! Talk about petty. I’m not sure what he’s going to do, but I’m still waiting for this so called inconvenience. I hope it wasn’t the law that means I have to sell my car! I was already planning on doing that. In fact, I’m getting a roadworthy in Seaford today. Really, he’s just motivated me to get it done sooner.

I’ll tell you what, I’m kind of worried about the Left-Handed Registration Act, though. The government wants to collect information on all left-handed people, which I’m totally fine with. It’s those sneaky amendments that I’m worried about. They’ve hidden deep within the legislation that all traffic lights must be changed to show colours invisible to colourblind people, because they believe colourblind people shouldn’t be driving anyway. That’s just devious! And the thing is, nobody knows about it, because only a small percentage of people care about left-handed issues. Unfortunately they’ll probably get away with it. But I guess that’s the government for you.