Car Dunce

I guess it’s true that not many people in Over-Botch are unemployed. It’s a career simulator, and you actually have to start off with a low-level internship at the very least when you make an account. You can get fired, though, after which you get a LOT of prompts telling you that you need to find a job or your house is going to be repossessed, etc.

Eventually, I learned to ignore them and became Over-Botch’s very first transient. I think I get by on novelty alone, although I’ve noticed that a few copycats have been appearing lately.

Ugh, holding down a job is just HARD, man. When I first logged on, I was full of passion. I was going to learn how to do car repairs, brake and clutch services. Be the best Milperra mechanic there ever was, like no one ever…was. Those were my younger days, all those six months ago. Then I realised I have no head for cars. Couldn’t remember what an axle was, or how to change a spark plug. Don’t even get me started on auto electrical; that was another level of complication that I just didn’t feel like dealing with. I stayed at the level of mechanic’s apprentice for three solid months, which is almost unprecedented. It takes most people about a week to move beyond the apprentice stage, and if they haven’t by then, they find another career. Eventually, my mistakes mounted up and I had to be let go from the company, and now here I am. I’m never becoming a mechanic in Over-Botch, and I’m certainly not going to become one in real life, not with the amount of transferable skills that I’ve realised I don’t have. Something people generally expect out of their auto mechanics is some basic knowledge of how to perform auto electrical. 

I think I’d be pretty good at busking in real life, however. Picked up a few tricks, and I seem to be pretty good at assembling a crowd and keeping them entertained. If only there was a career in THAT, eh?

Anyway, there’s not. I’ll be looking for an auto electrician near me instead of being the cool guy who does all the car work himself. This is the way of things. The video game has spoken!