Periodic Mechanic Visit

My wife still has PTSD symptoms from my daughter’s death almost twenty years ago. Losing our daughter was the worst thing that has ever and will ever happen to us, and it’s safe to say we will never recover. Yes the waves of grief are fewer and far between now, but they still come. I’m no longer drowning and I’m doing better than just staying afloat now, but it’s certainly very hard. 

But anyway, back to my wife. I make sure to get a car repair in the Brunswick area every three months. It’s my wife’s biggest fear that she’ll lose me too, and so I do everything that I can to show her that I’m not going anywhere. I’m definitely not going to die because of any sort of mechanical fault in my car like our daughter did.

I always think about what our lives would have been like if our daughter didn’t pass away. Who would my daughter have become? Would my wife be living a full, happy and healthy life now? I think so. I also think my daughter would have followed her dream of becoming a school teacher. She loved kids and loved learning, and I know she would’ve been great at shaping the minds of today’s youth. 

There’s not much point on dwelling on what life would have been like for too long. Life happened this way for a reason. Although I have no idea what this reason was and it will never make sense to me, I will just take it day by day. I will make decisions that help those around me, my wife in particular, and I’ll make sure to never put off getting a tyre service. In Preston, there are plenty of mechanics to choose from, which gives me no excuse not to put the safety of myself and my wife first.

I’ll miss you forever, daughter. I’ll keep on looking after your mum where I can. I love you