Random Career Generator

I’ve come to that crucial stage of my life where I have to decide what I’m going to be doing for a job, forever. It’s pretty ridiculous that I have to make such an important life decision at sixteen, right before entering the last two years of high school, but here I am anyway. With absolutely no idea what I want to do, I’ve turned to the only thing that can help me: a random image generator. If this doesn’t work, I may have to find some career counsellors for students around Melbourne. Let’s hope I can find something through these random images, though.

The first one I’ve generated is a picture of a pack of pencils. Would I want to be a pack of pencils for a job? Probably not. Okay, that wasn’t very helpful. I may need to think a little deeper here. What if I was an artist? That sounds cool, but I’ve heard that artists don’t make any money, so that might not be a great career choice. Let’s put that one down as a maybe. The second image is of rock climbing equipment. Can you even be a professional rock climber? Who would pay you to do that? I suppose I could be a professional rock climbing instructor, but then there’s the fact that I’m scared of heights. These randomly generated pictures don’t seem to be working out for me too well. Maybe I will need to get student career advice. Melbourne has plenty of careers to offer, so I’m sure I’ll find something eventually, whether it’s through counselling or random pictures. 

Alright, I’ll give this generator one more chance. Let’s see what it thinks I should do for a job. Hmm, it’s given me a picture of a girl lying on some grass, while wearing a funny disguise. One of those disguises consists of a pair of glasses, a big nose, huge eyebrows and a moustache. What kind of job is that? Oh, I know! I could become a spy! That would be an awesome job. Here I come, a world of espionage!