Gaming Earrings

I can’t believe how bad the Minimoon series of video games has become. It used to be so fun, running around catching monsters and making them battle each other. Of course, the core elements of the games are the same, but you can tell that the effort just isn’t there anymore. In my opinion, the series peaked a few years ago, with the moon and sun themed games. Those were really cool, particularly since they came with a pre-order bonus of beautiful sun and moon earrings. Definitely the best item I’ve ever gotten with a video game. Do you know what they gave away with the latest instalments? Candy shaped like swords and shields. The worst part was that they had all gone stale because the packaging was inadequate. You can tell that they just really didn’t try with this one.

When I got the sun and moon earrings, I actually took them to a shop that sells Melbourne earrings to see what the owner thought of them. She said that they were some of the best earrings she had ever seen. There is no denying that Freaky Games put a lot of effort into this bonus, but you can’t say that about the stale candy.

Really, the pre-order bonuses aren’t a big deal. The actual problem with the new Minimoon games is that the technical side is abysmal. Whenever I climb a ladder in the game, all of the animations on the screen completely freeze. The animations for the legendary monsters are awful. The metagame is completely broken, and they removed all of my favourite creatures! I don’t understand why they thought this was a good direction for the game. It just doesn’t make sense.

Everyone makes all these excuses, saying that Freaky Games is a “small, indie game studio”, which is complete nonsense. That may have been the case twenty years ago, but Minimon is one of the most profitable franchises on the planet. You can’t tell me that they are unable to hire a few more staff members to help out with development. Anyway, I’ve had enough of this, so my rant is over.