Esports Bathroom League

Today, the Esports League for International Bathroom Designers met for their fifth annual video game competition. The event has risen in popularity over the last couple of years, as more bathroom designers have mysteriously had time to try out video games. Personally, I’ve been attending the event ever since it started, but this was the first year that I felt ready to compete. This time last year I was completing a leaking shower repair. This year, I’m completing a leaking shower repair as the bathroom designer that came fourth in an international esports tournament. There were only five contestants, but at least I didn’t come last.

I think the part of it I enjoyed the most was the intense rivalries formed throughout the competition. Naturally, we were all competing at Super Maria Sisters, trying to prove that we were the best plumbers at defeating strange mushroom people and evil turtles. Sure, plumbing might be a little beneath our esteemed calling as bathroom designers, but it’s not like there are any video games out there where you can actually play as a bathroom designer.

Maybe it’s time that somebody made a bathroom designer video game. Of course, I can’t be the one to do it, as I’d have to give up my actual job, and then I wouldn’t be able to compete in the Esports competition at all. Instead, I’ll have to hire somebody to make a game about bathroom design. Perhaps I could give advice, on behalf of all professional bathroom designers. Melbourne has quite a wealth of talent in this field. I couldn’t have a bigger role than that. In order to be part of the various bathroom designer leagues, you have to work at least 35 hours per week in this job, otherwise, you lose your membership. I really enjoy the meetings to decide the important events the world will face, the basketball games and the Esports tournaments. As a result, I definitely want to be keeping my membership. Life is good when you’re a bathroom designer.