Video Editing Kid

I’ve always had a big interest in video production. It probably started when I was a kid, watching old movies with my parents. My favourite was Space Squares, the parody movie of Space Battles and Star Journey. I absolutely loved the moment in it where the bad guys (known as the Space Squares, hence the name of the movie) choose to travel at Insane Speed, despite the dangers involved. Their spaceship goes so fast that they go past the good guys, who they are chasing. One of the good guys says, “I don’t believe it. They’re going so fast that instead of appearing as streams of blue light, they look like a flannel shirt.” I always thought that was absolutely hilarious.

I remember that every time we would watch the movie, I would ask my dad how they made that happen. He would always say to me, “Jimmy, I don’t have any idea how they would make that special effect. Maybe they take a plaid shirt and film it moving really fast.” It’s weird that he would say that, especially since my name isn’t Jimmy. Anyway, I wasn’t satisfied with that answer, so I spent a lot of my childhood researching what post production services are like. Now I’m finally old enough to study media in high school, so I’m starting to get a real understanding of what video editing is like. It’s really fun. And now I can tell my dad that they definitely did not just film a plaid shirt moving really fast for the movie Space Squares.

Maybe after school I’ll go study video editing, then get a job at a video production company around Melbourne. That would be pretty awesome! Alternatively, I could do freelance video editing, or even start my own video production company. I’ve got a lot of options, particularly if I can master my skills. I can’t wait to see where the future takes me.