Her Kitchen Makeover

Barbara was a cold, precise woman. She craved order, and relished in the familiarity of her morning routine. Every day, she would make a cup of black coffee, sit in the spot of sunlight that filtered into her kitchen at 7am, and watch the news. Perhaps it was the break from her usual routine that …

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Victorian Bathroom Charm

As the morning sun cast a golden hue over the city, a group of eager students from a Melbourne high school gathered for an extraordinary school excursion. Among them were Ella and Mia, two friends with a shared passion for history and design, particularly the elegance of the Victorian era. Today’s destination was a unique …

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Esports Bathroom League

Today, the Esports League for International Bathroom Designers met for their fifth annual video game competition. The event has risen in popularity over the last couple of years, as more bathroom designers have mysteriously had time to try out video games. Personally, I’ve been attending the event ever since it started, but this was the …

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