No Turtle Weddings

It’s not that I think animals shouldn’t be allowed to get married. I got the invitation to the boat wedding in the post this morning, and being retired, I don’t have many reasons to say no.  No, it’s just that I think turtles, specifically, don’t deserve marriage. It should be the exclusive domain of humans, …

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No Boat For Me

I don’t ask for much from life: just some a couple of good friends, a calling that makes me feel like I’m making a difference, and a very large boat that’s all mine. That’s basically nothing! All my friends have boats, and they like nothing better than to rub it in. “Come out boating with …

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You’ll All Sea!

One day, they’ll all see. And when they all see, they’ll all…sea. Hah! Yeah, so, big deal, I tried to activate a crazy device that would not only melt all the polar ice caps at once, but also transform mankind into an aquatic species with gills and flippers. Personally, I don’t think that’s a huge …

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