You’ll All Sea!

One day, they’ll all see. And when they all see, they’ll all…sea. Hah! Yeah, so, big deal, I tried to activate a crazy device that would not only melt all the polar ice caps at once, but also transform mankind into an aquatic species with gills and flippers. Personally, I don’t think that’s a huge deal, especially because it would reduce drowning to zero (I’m the good guy!) and there’s so much ocean already existing anyway, people really should have learned to live there by now.

Needless to say, it didn’t go as planned, and now I’m stuck in a lab working on boat motors with a bunch of idiots. Isn’t it terribly funny how life works out? It’s not.

As if the people doing outboard motor services in Melbourne need my help. I did my research, and I calculated that Melbourne is in the top 3% of cities that’ll do great if they’re entirely flooded. People own boats in greater quantities, their outboard motors services are in the top percentile…and I think there’s a hint of the aquatic about them. It’s the only place I know with no confirmed sightings of treasure, but also a group of treasure hunters who scour the bay every weekend anyway.

I suppose I can use my expertise to try to make motors more efficient, improve their performance…and maybe, this is intended to be my punishment. After all, I don’t WANT people in boats. I want them underneath the waves, living a new life in the ocean blue. And now, I’m trying to improve the anchor winch industry to stop that from ever happening.

They think they can break my spirit, but I remain undaunted in my goal. Me, the ultimate climate manipulation genius, cowed by a menial task like this?

We shall see.

We shall…sea.