Penguin Capers

You know that feeling when you’re trying to read a book and you keep reading the same sentence over and over again, because you’re tired or distracted? That’s what it’s been like for me, trying to watch Week of Our Lives in the living room. The sun streams in there late in the day, it makes the room super hot, and the plots are so clever and complex that it makes it SUPER hard to tell what’s going on, or keep up with the plot.

Although I did perk up at one point because they were discussing windows, and I had just been daydreaming about finding a business in Melbourne doing the most advanced sash windows that repel heat. I don’t know if that’s real, but in Realsville, Jeremy had just climbed to the top level of Georgia’s mansion to install the triple-glazing that she so wanted, and as soon as his head crested the final windowsill he saw through the glass into Georgia’s bedroom, and her dirty, DIRTY secret: she had been keeping illegal penguins in a refrigerated room with a pool and feeding them fish. Suddenly, Jeremy understood why she’d been making such frequent trips to both Phillip Island and the fish market, as well as all those ice deliveries.

So Georgia opens the window and pushes him off the ladder and Jeremy gets a concussion and forgets their relationship AND how to install windows, so he has to become an apprentice in his own window replacement company, which Georgia is now trying to run into the ground because if Jeremy remembers how to fix and install timber windows, he’ll also remember her secret stash of penguins.

BUT, she remains totally unaware that on the weekend, Jeremy is travelling to get timber window installation after the hurricane destroyed all his. He is even taking extra classes, so her time is much shorter than she thinks.

Also, her mansion windows are only half done and that’s NOT a good look for the Victorian Women’s Garden Party on Tuesday. It’s a race against time for Georgia! I sure do love to hate her.