Bricks and Flame

Alright, so someone is just walking around the streets setting cars on fire. That’s not normal. Really, shouldn’t the police be doing something? Or, like… shouldn’t they have done something before now? Set up stakeouts on every car in the whole city until this vagabond is brought to justice! It’s not rocket science! Oh, but …

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Penguin Capers

You know that feeling when you’re trying to read a book and you keep reading the same sentence over and over again, because you’re tired or distracted? That’s what it’s been like for me, trying to watch Week of Our Lives in the living room. The sun streams in there late in the day, it …

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Raging at Sunlight

If we could get through one week without some office drama that would wonderful. Sandra is being difficult again, so it must be a Monday. I guess all that money we spent on the best decorative window glass Melbourne has to offer went to waste. I thought it looked really good, as well. It’s one of …

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