Raging at Sunlight

If we could get through one week without some office drama that would wonderful. Sandra is being difficult again, so it must be a Monday. I guess all that money we spent on the best decorative window glass Melbourne has to offer went to waste. I thought it looked really good, as well. It’s one of the few worthwhile decisions that Sandra has made since…well, maybe forever. But now it’s all being torn down and replaced with dark tinting, because Sandra saw half of a special report and now she thinks she’s saving us all from sun exposure.

I saw it too, Sandra…that Peter Shades guy was a total quack and he’s obviously made up a load of waffle to get himself on television. He even had his showbiz persona as well, giant aviator sunglasses with a lab coat, and it looked as ridiculous as he sounded telling everyone that they needed to tin their glass right now otherwise the sun will come through the window and attack you in your sleep, or something.

Sandra called a staff meeting this morning purely for the purposes of becoming enraged at the sun, throwing things around, ranting about how she always knew tinted glass was the way and telling us all that we’re getting the whole office tinted, maximum strength. More than maximum strength, if she can help it, because we all need to be protected. And you’re the one to be our mighty protector, aren’t you, Sandra?

Naturally, she’d called about fifteen tinting companies before we’d even had the meeting, so the whole thing was just forty-five minutes of her ranting and wasting work time. We’ve been sent a sample of the most powerful tinting known to man, and this is what’s going to be applied to even the glass cubicle walls. Looks like we’ll be living in eternal darkness forevermore. It’s going to be a commercial office window tinting bonanza in here. I can’t wait to see what drama unfolds next week.