My Solar Bro

Odd-Match has done it again, oh boy!

Look, I’m not the vegan type. I mean, I eat meat gladly and I’ve never thought about the vegan lifestyle for myself, but what I mean is that I don’t tell everyone and their mother about my specific subculture and expect them to all be on board with it. Like, let everyone do THEM, you know? I might think they’re ruining the planet with their feckless energy usage, but once the ash settles and humanity enters a new age of enlightenment, I’ll be at the forefront with my encyclopedic knowledge of commercial energy monitoring and the rise of commercial solar in Sydney, which I imagine will crown me their new Lord-Regent-Emperor after the coming calamity.

I’m really chilled about the whole thing, clearly. But I kinda thought I was the only one. Well, nope! Watts is a guy from Bondi I found on Odd-Match after we both set our interests as ‘Solar power, commercial energy monitoring and generally being totally crazy about clean and renewable energy to the point where it has consumed my entire life.’ Just two of us on the entire site, but I’m amazed that’s even on the list. So thorough.

Anyway, Watts and I have been chatting for ages about our passion for the industrial solar sector, to the point where I think he’s totally legit and he can totally be my vizier when I ascend to the level of the holy Lord-Regent-Emperor of the Sun Power Empire-Kingdom. It’ll be awesome. We can be, like, best buds and solar bros. Hue-hue-hue.

He’s even tricked out his whole apartment just like mine, except I generate power using a treadmill instead of an exercise bike. Neat trick about having his solar panels swivel to pick up maximum coverage; guess I just got complacent, being in Sydney where we get more sun. Even I have much to learn about the commercial solar, Brisbane, Sydney, and beyond. See, THIS is why I’ll need a grand vizier when the Earth is consumed by the flames of its own hubris. So radical!