Bathroom Blitz

It looks like Boris is gearing up for one of his homemaking rampages again, and this time he’s got his sights set on the guest bathroom. He insists that my sister will appreciate it when she comes to visit next month, but I know the point is really to scratch his insatiable itch to decorate. He can’t seem to sit still without at least one project on the go.

These are never major renovations, mind you – just little instances of DIY jazzing up. For example, in this case, he plans to put up wallpaper the bathroom in question. He claims there’s this self-adhesive wall decal stuff on the market, and you can get it custom printed with whatever you want. What does Boris want, precisely? It’s a toss-up between an art deco geometric design and a repeat pattern of octopuses wearing bowler hats.

I’d be just as happy to leave him to it, but he keeps asking my opinion. The fact is, I just couldn’t care less about the latest trends in succulent prints, provided that the material is easy to remove. Wallpaper prints of this nature aren’t exactly designed to stand the test of time, let’s be real. Today’s behatted cephalopod is tomorrow’s overhyped novelty. That said I’m more than happy to go along with the whole idea. Just get on with it!

Truth be told, I’d be more inclined to go with a classic style wallpaper if it was all up to me, but I’m honestly not invested in the project enough to push the point. Truth be told, I often end up liking Boris’s home decor ideas once they’ve been implemented, and I’m sure that’ll be the case with this, which is why I can’t be bothered arguing with him.

Everyone knows that he’s the one with the sense of style, and I’m the one with the practical know-how… which is why I’m going to be roped into hanging the wallpaper. This stuff had better be as easy to apply as Boris says.