Victorian Conveyancing Conference

Ever since the Glass Smashing Bandit got away from Schlock Homes and I, we’ve been doing odd detective jobs, trying to salvage what little reputation we have left. Today we were called to investigate a series of strange events at the Victorian Conveyancing Conference. Apparently, some conveyancers had been going missing. It was our job to find out why.

Since the conference is exclusive to qualified conveyancers, we had to blend in. Schlock and I dressed in our best suits and made our way there, picking up a conveyancing license from the event’s organiser. After that, we made our way into the conference hall and got investigating.

The first person we talked to was a broad man who worked as a conveyancer near Brighton. He introduced himself as Tim McRobinson and struck up a conversation. “I had a client the other day who wanted to know everything about a section 32 statement. Can you believe it? I had to explain every element of it in exhaustive detail. What about you guys? Has any crazy conveyancing stuff happened to you lately?”

Schlock responded quickly. “Ah, yes, my good man. Just the other day, I had a customer who didn’t know what a section 34 statement was at all! Isn’t that crazy, but still believable?”

“Section 34 statement? I’ve never heard of that,” said Tim. “You are a real conveyancer, right?”

“Of course!” Schlock responded. “I was just testing you, my good man. Say, do you know anything about the strange case of conveyancers at this conference going missing?”

Tim McRobinson rubbed his chin. “Well, I don’t want to point fingers, but Peter Gallon, master of conveyancing around St Kilda, may have had something to do with it. He did say something terrible would happen if we didn’t meet his demands.”

“What were his demands?” I asked.

“He wanted to win the prize for Best Conveyancer. Instead, it went to Fred Fallon, from Collingwood.”

Schlock nodded and wrote something in his notebook. “Very interesting. We’ll look into it.”

Tim narrowed his eyes. “You two aren’t detectives, are you? Or police officers? Only qualified conveyancers are allowed here.”

We showed him our conveyancing licenses and moved on our way. Time to look into some leads.