Message for Zebraman

I’ve been hiding out in an underground warehouse for the last week, waiting for Space Wizard to go away. He’s gone crazy, destroying all of our artificial Melbourne suburb of Sweden. It’s super dangerous out there and I definitely don’t want to go out. It would take something extreme to get me to leave this place. I’ve got enough food and supplies to last the entire winter if I have to.

What’s that? I just got a text from… Space Wizard? He says the Glass Smashing Bandit has gone to a Cheltenham store for timber and that Archerak has him captive on the other side of Sweden. But isn’t Space Wizard the one who is destroying this town? Surely this has to be a trap. Hold on, let me keep reading… So apparently that’s actually his evil clone, and the other Australia’s Next Top Office contestants have joined together to stop him, but Archerak betrayed them. This sounds like quite the dramatic turn of events if it’s real.

What should I do? I can’t put myself in danger. I’m Jack Zebraman. I’m sure you’ve heard of me because I’m very famous. Famous people don’t risk their lives to help people. They only pretend to do that in movies and television shows! I’m not sure what to do. I’ll show you all the entire text message and then maybe you can give me some advice.

Jack Zebraman, it’s Space Wizard here. My ally, the Glass Smashing Bandit, has gone to a hardware shop near Cheltenham to collect timber and electrical supplies for our resistance efforts. Archerak has unveiled his evil scheme and betrayed our resistance, holding me captive in the director’s building. If you’re still in Sweden, I could really use some help.

Ms Frankie and Archerak joined our resistance to stop my clone, Evil Space Wizard, from destroying this place. Frankie has gone with Bandit to get the supplies, but Archerak has revealed himself to be a snake in the body of a lich. If you are able, you must help us.