Jolt of Oxygen

Sometimes as an artist, you just fall into a rut from which nothing seems to help. I’ve tried meditating, I’ve tried quadruple strength peppermint tea (it burned me from mouth to the other end), and I’ve tried…more meditation, and nothing is working! I even went to listen to the sounds of nature, but it only made me feel inadequate because they were making wonderful music and I could not make any. I went back to my most previous piece, entitled ‘Song of the Boiling Kettle’, and I wasn’t that impressed with even myself. I’m letting the kettle people down, clearly.

Jamie said that she fell into a rut once, and she just climbed inside her portable oxygen hyperbaric therapy chamber of oxygen goodness, and she was given new life. Something about oxygen flushing out the bad vibes, which makes sense to me. Oxygen is what gives us life, after all, so if you get a whole lot of it all at once, it gets rid of the thinking that takes your life. Makes perfect sense, and it’s probably even scientific! I tried to get in touch with my guru to see if they endorse the use of hyperbaric chambers outside of a real medical need. However, they’re away on a yoga retreat in the mountains, so I’m fresh out of people to ask.

No harm in giving it a go, and to be honest, sometimes I DO get out of breath while I’m climbing up a hill, so this qualifies as a medical need as well. But…how to get an oxygen chamber? Are there…oxygen chambers for sale? In Melbourne? It’s not really a financial issue, because my album ‘The Sultry Sounds of the Milk Steamer’ sold extremely well at the last gig where I set up my stall. People love coffee…even the sounds.

Setting up a portable hyperbaric chamber sounds hard, though.