Please Let Go

Today my therapist asked me to describe my greatest failure, and I was all like ‘boy, do you have TIME for this?’, and then it all turned out to be a trap so he could tell me not to dwell on the past. But then on the train home I basically did nothing but dwell on the past, because that question wormed its way into my brain. And speaking of which, I think we have a winner: that time I invited termite catastrophe upon our household.

This was a simpler time, back when I was young and the termite inspections near Frankston weren’t as professional as they are today. So, like, fifteen years ago, maybe? I don’t really know the timeline of the development of pest control services in the area, but I just assume that everything got a lot better after the invention of the smartphone. Just, like…everything in general. Makes sense, because suddenly now you can do an internet search for anything you like

Anyway, I didn’t think termites were a problem; they were just insects who lived outside, in the winter, and I HATED the cold so I thought I’d do my part in bringing them in where they’d be more comfortable. So that’s what I did. I knew that my parents would hate it, for some reason, so I distributed termites around the house in an even way. Some in the pantry, some in the attic, and plenty in my room because I always had my fan heater on and they’d find it super cozy.

So, um, we had to move out of that house in the end. Again, it probably could’ve been saved if it was the year of 2018, where any of the Mornington based termite inspection contractors could have just checked out what to do on their smartphones, but at that point in history it just wasn’t enough.

Forcing the family out of our home was pretty bad. I lie awake at night thinking about that one a lot. But the feral-cat hayfever thing was pretty bad as well, so it’s a 50-50 at this stage. Needs further brooding.