Pests and Brits

I never thought it’d happen, but it really, truly did. Week of Our Lives had a crossover with my second-favourite soap opera, West-Enders. That’s the one set in the west of London, about the posh people drinking coffee in cafes and going to theatre productions.

As per usual, the setup was a little bit, uh…contrived? All the posh people from the west end came all the way to Australia just to visit Berwick, because they’d been told that there was going to be a classical/jazz fusion concert. Meanwhile, Maxine from Realsville was looking for pest control in Berwick, because she made the mistake of taking pity on a termite who came to her door one cold winter’s night and he eventually invited all of his friends inside, and now she no longer has a dividing wall between her kitchen and lounge.

Thing is, Maxine can’t really tell anyone because she has a restraining order barring her from going near ANY insect after she bred ants under the bowling alley while she was working there, and the colony eventually became so large that the place partially collapsed. Now she needs pest controllers from all the way over in Berwick so no one will be able to track her movements, plus Berwick pest controllers are known the be the swiftest and stealthiest, except now she’s accidentally implied to the west-enders that the concert is happening in Realsville, so they’re all heading there, and they’ll say that Maxine sent them, and they’ll give Realsville a bad review on their foursquare apps. Everyone will hate Maxine even MORE and she won’t be able to go near her family home in Dandenong. Termite inspections will have to be done on the sly, very stealthy. It’s just all going wrong!

Not to mention there’s no classical/jazz fusion concert, anywhere. Such drama!