My Sepia Recollection

You know how people in TV get flashbacks? Something triggers a memory, there’s a literal flash, and they’re back in the past as if it was playing inside their mind on a screen. And they aren’t aware of anything around them either. It happens all the time on Week of Our Lives.

Also, in my own life, because I’m starting to have really vivid recalls of full memories. They strike at random and I’m basically paralysed until they finish. You could probably say they started happening after I declined to call in a residential electrician and told the wife that I was going to fix the fuse box problem myself. She gave me the number of a commercial electrician as well…twice. Put it on the dresser and on the kitchen table, almost like she didn’t trust me to not try to fix it myself while she went out for her girls’ night.

Imagine having so little trust in your spouse. Anyway, I totally just tried to fix it anyway, and also it was raining at the time. Was there some lightning? I can’t remember. Anyway, I ended up falling off the roof, but I don’t remember that part because I was suddenly back in primary school and Nicola Schmidt the massive German exchange student was beating me up in front of my crush because my Mum packed me a kransky and she wanted it. I still remember Nicola Schmidt every now and then, except this time I was there, and it was all in sepia tone just like it happens on TV.  There maybe also have been piano music in the background.

And so, open the floodgates to flashbacks happening a few times a day, including one time when I was driving and I suddenly remembered that one time I was on my L-plates and I nearly crashed into a cow, which caused me to almost crash into a cow.

Is this an electrician thing? Do all the electricians in Bayside get to a certain point in their careers where they’ve been zapped so many times, they’ve re-lived their entire lives multiple times over.

What a fascinating way to live life. But also kind of annoying, which is probably why they’re really careful about wearing gloves.