Cake On Me

Cakes have always been my thing – making them, that is. I’m not especially into eating them, at least no more than the next person. But I really get a kick out of designing the perfect combination of flavours, textures and colours for a particular occasion. Cakes are, after all, a celebration of a significant event, be that personal, social or seasonal. The symbolic power of a well-considered cake can be transcendent.

You’re probably getting the idea: cakes are my jam (especially if they involve jam). I’m at the point now where I’ve got so many requests for cakes that I’ve been able to carve out something of a semi-lucrative side hustle from it. Lately, this has got me to thinking about custom kitchens. Clayton residents, what kind of kitchens do your houses have? I’d be interested to know how mine stands up to others in the area.

I mean, it does the job perfectly well, but perhaps there are things about it that could be improved. To be clear, I’m not out to get the most elaborate kitchen renovations Melbourne has ever seen. I’m thinking more along the lines of a minor facelift – storage modifications, an up-to-date paint job, maybe some appliance upgrades. I guess that’s pretty comprehensive, now that I think about it. But basically, I’m not looking to totally remodel the space.

I almost don’t want to say this in case I jinx it, but I feel like there could be an actual business in this cake thing. I mean, I’m getting rave reviews, and I’ve got more requests than I can fit in around my accounting job. A kitchen reboot could very well be an investment in creating a business that reflects my passion.

The first step is probably to draw up a business plan for the cake biz, then go from there with assessing the kitchen renovations. Like I said, my current kitchen does the job perfectly well, so it’s not like an upgrade is essential… it would just be nice. Much like a cake, in fact.