Drain upsets sister

My sister was still in hiding in her room after blocking the sink earlier that day. It was dinner time and my mother was still angry about the day’s events. We were sitting at the table ready to eat but mother wanted to wait for my sister to arrive. My sister’s place was set and a steaming hot dinner of brussel sprouts and boiled chicken was sitting in front of the seat. Her punishment it seemed was to eat his least favourite vegetable. My sister must have seen my mother preparing the meal because she was still in hiding.

Mother was used to things like this happening in our house, so were the local drainage contractors who had to fix it all. This time, I think my sister was a bit worried about the extent of the damage she had caused. Earlier that day I came home to find her pouring a pan of what looked to be leftover oil mixture down the drain. Mum later discovered that my sister was testing an experiment on drain blockages. She had specially made the mixture to thick like cement and thought our kitchen sink was the perfect place to test a theory. As always, my sister’s scientific experiments were accurate in their predictions, and now we had a blocked drain in the kitchen. We waited a little while longer for my sister to finally come out before my mother started calling for her. I started eating because I had been starving all day.

I was wondering if she’d heard my mother’s conversation with the drainage company. Mum was rather angry when she phoned the plumbers and probably said a few angry things about my sister in the heat of the moment. My guess was that she’d heard the conversation and gotten really upset. When I realised what was going on, I stopped eating and went to find my sister in her room. I promised her that everything would be ok once the plumber had finished their drain camera inspection. Melbourne plumbers are pretty good at fixing drain problems, my sister had nothing to worry about, except my mum.