Crazy Car Capers

Golly, being a single mother can be tough sometimes. And, while I’m saying that, I should say that being a single father is just as hard. That doesn’t get said enough, so here’s me, showing support for ALL single parents. I just happen to be a Mum.

It does make it more difficult to juggle things without a significant other to help out, and every time you get into a relationship, you just end up feeling like they’re waiting for you to ask them to do stuff.

But hey, I’m a modern woman. I can fix my own car. I can slay my own Gryphons to harvest their hair and use it to forge the armour of courage. And if I need a car mechanic in Ringwood, then I know exactly who to call, what to tell them, and how to know if they’re trying to take advantage of me. I’m not some car newbie…I made sure I knew this stuff after I bought the vehicle in the first place. That’s just what you have to do as a single parent.

Being well-rounded is super important. That’s what I tell all the other mums. If you drive a car, and you use that car to transport your kids around, then you NEED to make sure you look after it. Trips to the mechanic can really add up and be expensive, especially if you just ignore that oil warning light. , or that chip in the windshield from a passing truck. Lucky it didn’t go right through the windshield. Do they even KNOW how much windshield repair is? It’s almost as much as brake pad repair, which I needed after I had to slam on the brakes. That was an expensive day. But I learned long ago that if there’s an unexpected expense, then you just pay it off and get on with things. I need the car, and there’s no use complaining when I know that I need stuff done. 

That’s life. I know where to find the best car servicing Ringwood has to offer. I could be in a worse position. Just pull up your stockings, tighten the straps on your gryphon-hair breastplate (available for commission, although there’s a waiting list) and soldier on. And learn to change that flat tire. Everyone should know that stuff.