My OWN Life

Got to say ‘Aquatic Man’ is one of the best sleeper hits of the…well, ‘year’, even though it came out over Christmas. No one has seen it because it was supposed to be a quiet biopic on a man who lives by the sea and just happens to be able to breathe underwater, but then …

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All About Homes

Some days I get up from my charging port and wonder what my colleagues think of me. Humans can be very astute; some obviously suspect my robotic origins. And yet, they have all been very nice, much nicer than when I interacted with them on the internet. It’s almost like people become different people when …

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Reap Your Dues

If I were Rudolph, I’d be seeking compensation for damages. This is obviously an issue of workplace bullying, because as we later learn from Santa’s casual appointment of Rudolph to a position of importance, he was employed already, probably in a support role. Santa didn’t come one foggy Christmas Eve and ask Rudolph to take …

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