Glass Mirror’s Mistique

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee filled the air as Lila frothed milk for a cappuccino. Her quaint café, nestled in the heart of Melbourne, was known not just for its exceptional brews but also its eclectic interiors – an artful mishmash of Bohemian chic and Victorian elegance. However, amidst the plush chairs and vintage tables, the pièce de résistance was an ornate antique mirror, its frame adorned with intricate carvings.

Lila began to notice something strange over the past week. Some of her regulars, after admiring themselves in the mirror or simply glancing at it, seemed to vanish without a trace. “Odd,” she thought, as Mrs Patterson, who frequented the café every Tuesday for her almond latte, was now nowhere to be seen for a fortnight.

Driven by curiosity one quiet morning, Lila gazed into the mirror, her brown eyes reflecting back. But, before she could even register what was happening, the world swirled, and she felt a strong pull.

Lila blinked open her eyes, finding herself in a sprawling medieval market. Tall stone buildings, thatched roofs, and bustling streets replaced the familiar sights of Melbourne. She was still in her barista apron, attracting curious glances from peasants and nobility alike.

A young woman, draped in vibrant medieval attire, approached her. “Ah, another one from the mirrored realms? Come with me,” she said, leading Lila to a hidden alcove.

There, Lila learned of the phenomenon plaguing Melbourne. Reflective surfaces, due to a cosmic imbalance, had turned into gateways to various dimensions. “Every realm has its charm,” the woman shared, “but everyone wishes to return home.”

Lila’s heart raced. How would she ever find her way back to her café? The woman spoke of the ancient craft of glazing, hinting that only the right businesses for glass balustrades near Melbourne held the knowledge to fix these dimensional doors.

With newfound determination, Lila decided to embark on a journey to find these craftsmen. She had to mend the mirrors and bring back her lost customers. The first clue? A whispered rumour about a skilled artisan offering residential glazing services close to Melbourne.

As the sun began to set, casting the medieval realm in a warm glow, Lila felt a mix of anxiety and excitement. Her quest had just begun, and Melbourne’s mirrored mysteries awaited her.