Something About Conveyancing

Okay! Now it all makes sense. For a moment there I thought that Week of Our Lives was going down the tame route, but now that Agnes Jones has been revealed to be the heiress of a giant fitness club and has been plotting to take over Realsville, raze it to the ground and turn it into a gigantic weightlifting academy to conquer Australia, everything makes sense again.

So yeah, they dealt with that, and now we’re onto something about conveyancing that I only caught half the details of because the baby was crying and feeding requires quite a lot more concentration than you might think.

I think it was conveyancing…something about Satoshi going to a property conveyancing specialist. Melbourne was pretty long way to go to meet with such an expert, so it offended Jacinta because…I forget. That was definitely screaming baby time. I have conveyancing on the brain at the moment, at least when I’m not thinking about child things. We’ve been in talks to move, and it’s as painful as it was the last time. Mostly just feels like I’m doing all the work, so I’m doing a full-time job, on top of a full-time job, on top of a real part-time job, and I also have to scan for properties and look up title transfers in my spare time. Week of Our Lives is basically the only time I truly relax, but the little one is going through a bit of a phase and there’s a lot of crying.

Oh, it was peach farming! Not conveyancing at all. What with all those vendors statements Melbourne companies are putting forward on the brain, I can’t even get my favourite show right. Satoshi wanted to buy a peach farm, and Jacinta was offended because they’ve been growing closer and her whole family was sent to hospital by a diseased peach outbreak when she was little…not it all makes sense. Satoshi is going to need a conveyancer for that sale, though.