Scorpions and Conveyancing

Gosh, so many intense stories on Week of Our Lives during the festive season, and I’ve only just gotten the place decorated. The kids are home now, which means I don’t have to do the school runs, but generally makes things a bit crazier. Often I’m catching up on the latest episode in bed before I go to sleep, and definitely staying off the forums.

So, Fergus decided he’s going to move the whole family to Melbourne right before Christmas, which makes Natasha think he’s up to something. He’s got meetings with seemingly every single conveyancer in all of Melbourne, so she starts with the conveyancer in Carnegie and conducts a thorough investigation. Natasha has a vested interest in Fergus’ life because obviously she was the one who gave him the loan to start his scorpion petting zoo, and not only did he never pay her back, but he never let her have a single scorpion for her very own. She was planning on calling him Solomon, after the boyfriend she lost in the terrible Beach Wedding Monsoon Incident, and he would be her new companion. But no scorpion.

Natasha first discovers that conveyancing solicitors are very pleasant to deal with, and makes a mental note to make use of them if she ever moves to Melbourne, because Natasha is famously terrible with admin and paperwork (both things that contributed to the monsoon incident) and conveyancers do all of that stuff really well.

So, she finds out that not only is Fergus in debt to several people in Realsville, he was also legally-contracted to appear as Santa at the upcoming Christmas market, and he’s fleeing the responsibility because the beard will make him look silly, and he’s a cool dude.

Now Natasha is hanging around a conveyancing office in Malvern, partially because she want to go in and ask them about the local area (public transport, schools, shopping etc.) and the process of moving home, but ALSO so she can jump out and catch Fergus fleeing from his responsibilities. What a festive scandal!