Reap Your Dues

If I were Rudolph, I’d be seeking compensation for damages. This is obviously an issue of workplace bullying, because as we later learn from Santa’s casual appointment of Rudolph to a position of importance, he was employed already, probably in a support role. Santa didn’t come one foggy Christmas Eve and ask Rudolph to take a position in the company, and also could he please sign this contract, and also a waiver for any in-flight injuries sustained while on the clock? No, it was a basic promotion.

You have to look for benefits where you can. That’s just how life is. A balance of cost saving and investment. I COULD look for a home by myself, but when the services of property advocates in Melbourne exist, why bother? I know property advocates and agents come with a fee for their services, but you have to weigh up your cost versus time expenditure. I do not have time to be looking for high-end property, walking miles and standing around at auctions. If I calculated the time I could be spending with my own clients and subtract it, then…worth it. Worth every penny, plus a property expert looking around is a heck of a lot more efficient than me doing it. I can deal in finances and figures, but I’m no expert in the trade.

See? You weigh up your options, and if you see one that’s both easier and cheaper, you grab it with both hands. The apparent outcome of the sleigh situation is that Rudolph accepted a higher-level position in the company, but chose not to seek compensation or file harassment charges. That’d be like me knowing the benefits of a property advocate company, but not engaging their services because I don’t want to bother them and I feel ‘embarrassed’ to not be looking for a home myself.

Rudolph, my man, you can’t think about that stuff. Think of what you’re due, and use the available resources. And with that shiny red nose, you are the resource.