My OWN Life

Got to say ‘Aquatic Man’ is one of the best sleeper hits of the…well, ‘year’, even though it came out over Christmas. No one has seen it because it was supposed to be a quiet biopic on a man who lives by the sea and just happens to be able to breathe underwater, but then halfway through the movie he turns into a superhero. It’s like one giant ‘gotcha’ to the audience. I was quite sucked in, and I’m glad I was one of the few who bought a ticket.

And you know, it’s one of the few movies that made me forget about life for a little bit. Ugh, Gareth was at dinner again because Brenda seems to think we all want to hear about him and his movie extra work, but it’s okay, because next month he has a bit part as a buyers advocate. Melbourne film scene is in full swing and my friend is getting busy. Shame that it’s Melbourne-based, because if he was shipping off somewhere else for a few weeks then we wouldn’t have to spend every mealtime hearing about Brenda’s boyfriend’s greatest hits.

And then the talk of buyers advocates brought things round to the subject of me moving out, which is always a favourite when we’re all together because oh, look at your siblings, they’re all making plans and meeting with property professionals! Well, they all got a head-start in life, didn’t they? Good for them. But right now I’m saving, and if the parents WANT me to move out I can, but all this implication that renting is evil and it’s not an option is making it a little hard right now.

Maybe one day. I’ll live up to the great successes of the rest of the family, I’ll have a buyers advocate on speed-dial because it’ll be useful for my portfolio, and whatever else. But I’m good right now, except for having to sit through Gareth at every mealtime. Why is no one telling HIM to get a real job?