EDM, and Houses

There are only two things I want out of life. The first is to listen to many, many electro-dance-pop songs from the 80s as possible. And the second is to obsessively follow the careers of every buyers advocate working in Melbourne, and possibly even further afield if I ever have a bit more time on my hands. Those two things are already pretty time-consuming, I’ll have you know.

I was already resigned to doing this alone for my whole life, but at that point I hadn’t heard of Odd-Match. I put those as my interests as a sort of ‘dare’, even though they were true. No one would even glance twice at my profile, I told myself. Then I woke up the next morning, and there was my message from Juniper. She’d been up very late the previous night, cataloguing the triumphs of her local buyers advocates, and then she went into a spiral of just wanting to listen to one more song from the 80s.

The most obvious conclusion is that this was a cruel hoax, but Juniper really DID know her stuff when it came to buyers advocates and their trade; why, she could’ve started her own business, which is probably something all of us enthusiasts should do. Why don’t we do that? Questions for later. Juniper and I arranged to meet in the local area and talk about the thriving property advocate scene and how it can best be spread to the rest of Melbourne, ensconced as most of it is in the olden ways of real estate agents. They’ll soon learn, although the world can’t ALWAYS be moving on. That’s how we got today’s music, instead of music just staying how it was in the 80s, where it was perfect. I can now say I’ve met at least one person who understands these oh-so-important and vital truths.

And next…we tackle the big stuff. Thoughts on investment properties in the face of the coming sky-house craze.