Changing Human Dwellings

I find these ‘Human Classes’ terribly difficult sometimes. The teacher slaps our hands/tentacles/mandibles with the ruler if we mess up too many times. My homework for the week is to simulate the experience of getting a phone call, and then have a conversation with a  human partner about renovating the bathroom. And it has to be TEN SENTENCES LONG. That is surely one of the longest conversations in human history.

Naturally, I did my research on the bathroom designers in Melbourne, using the internet of this place, as well as the accompanying search to locate styles of interest. Bathroom designs seem very nice, and they’re visually stunning, but I’m still not sure what to say about them, especially since I don’t know what people do in there. Liquid comes out of the tap when it is twisted, there’s more liquid in the seat object, and then there is the cleansing of one’s self in a shower or bath.

I suppose bathroom designs could simply be taking all of those things, and making them look nicer. Thus, my conversation could be very simple.

“Hello, companion. Yes, bathroom renovations seem like a very good idea. Yes, hmm, yes, I agree. Let’s make the shower better, and have a nice-looking bath. More liquid coming out of the tap? Yes, sounds perfect. I love you, my physical companion. No, YOU hang up. Let’s have lunch soon. Bye!” It doesn’t seem too difficult, but I’m certain the pressure of the real live conversation will be far more difficult and stressful. What if I get the bathroom and the kitchen mixed up and suggest installing an oven? You couldn’t put in an oven in the bathroom, that would be absurd. Or would it? It would certainly provide heat to the room in Winter. I have much to think about. 

It’s getting there. I just hope that kitchen renovation isn’t next, because so many different things happen in that particular room, and I’m not sure I could ever learn even half of them.