All About Homes

Some days I get up from my charging port and wonder what my colleagues think of me. Humans can be very astute; some obviously suspect my robotic origins. And yet, they have all been very nice, much nicer than when I interacted with them on the internet. It’s almost like people become different people when they are on the internet than they are in real life, but…ha ha, that’s silly! People can’t just become different people.

I even had one of the water cooler conversations with Samara the other day, even though there was no water cooler present; it was over the table of lunch, where I go to pretend to eat. I was pretending to eat a bagel upon this day, listening to Samara talk about how she’s procrastinating about finding a property advocate expert here in Melbourne. Samara mainly talks about property, and the shows she watches on the television that involve property, like the one with the underwater homes and the one about the attacks forcing people to move to a rural area for the safety of their family. I do not really understand the appeal in specifics, but humans are so concerned about where they live, and this I understand. Also, Samara only talking about one thing makes it very easy to engage in conversation with her.

Buyers advocates have not been covered in lessons, so while I can perform an instant internet search using my bionic brain’s Wi-Fi capacity, the emotional connection is not something I understand. Samara’s procrastination in hiring a Melbourne property advocate? Again, I do not know why humans put things off, when they could simply do them. Talking to a buyers advocate doesn’t sound hard, but then…I sleep in a small cupboard with a power outlet and some brooms. I have so much to learn, especially when it comes to high-end property and what constitutes ‘the right place’.